Strategic direction

Strategic planning is a process that helps organizations take a proactive approach for creating positive change. With a good strategic plan, organizations can better anticipate customer needs and target their human and financial resources in beneficial ways.

Each strategic planning effort is custom-designed to meet the needs of a specific organization. We focus on designing and implementing planning processes that use your time efficiently, build understanding and buy-in and produce a plan that is understandable and truly strategic.

Depending on your needs, the strategic planning process may include:

  • Development of a mission statement.
  • Creation of an organizational vision to guide strategy development.
  • Articulation of organizational values.
  • Identification of critical customers and stakeholders, as well as their future needs.
  • Analysis of current organizational strengths and areas for improvement.
  • Identification of key opportunities for future success.
  • Development of compelling action strategies.
  • Identification of outcome measures to chart progress.
  • Preparation of a change management plan to guide strategy implementation.