Our coaching approach

Our coaching approach is a simple, three-step process. While each coaching opportunity is unique, the following is an outline of our general coaching method.

Assessment and planning 

A well-grounded initial assessment allows for greater clarity when addressing target issues during the coaching process. It also provides a comparison baseline to evaluate the coaching’s effectiveness.

A brief assessment battery jump-starts coaching and saves weeks of time in the process. Based on the assessment and discussions with the client and relevant others, the client develops a focused and realistic action plan.

Focused and intensive work on goals 

Once the goals are established and agreed upon, the client is held accountable for fully utilizing his or her strengths and for continually working to make changes in areas needing improvement. 

Coaching is a very open, honest and sometimes challenging process, leading to greater self-awareness and actual changes in behavior. As needed, we work with clients on site or off site, but the more applied the setting, the more likely we will succeed in facilitating both real and lasting change.

Follow-up for sustained change 

After the intensive work phase, we are able to scale back on the frequency of meetings, but follow-up is critical for most clients to ensure they retain the gains they made during the coaching process. Through periodic meetings, we assist the client in identifying key strategies to maintain effectiveness.