Business process analysis

PMG facilitates process mapping to discover improvements leading to cost savings and efficiency. Mapping captures institutional knowledge, increases employee ownership, and promotes a culture of continuous improvement.

Every organization is a collection of processes. Optimally managing these processes is the key to both mission accomplishment and organizational success.

Often set up as tasks and functionally based without attention to the customer needs and the organization’s core mission, processes build layers upon layers over time. The end result is a complex and disjointed array of related tasks.

How often do we ask if the layers need to remain, many months or years later? Do the processes and the way that we conduct them optimally achieve the internal and customer-driven needs that our mission demands? As technology, systems, customer needs and functions change, so must our processes.

Process maps

Process mapping is a simple and powerful way to look beyond functional activity and rediscover core processes and optimal methods of delivery. Process maps help you to see redundancies, inefficiencies and wasted steps, allowing you to focus on the core activities and information that are at the heart of your business.

Process maps are a visual and interactive way to begin the process of discovery and improvement, changing the way that things have always been done to the way they should be done.

Click below to see a few examples (note that the PI ideas box indicates performance improvement ideas that came up as a result of the mapping process):