Building teams


“Must be a team player.” “Must have a strong team orientation.” Phrases like these have become common in our daily workplaces. We see them in employment advertisements. We see them in job and position descriptions. And we’ve seen them for more than 30 years. Teams continue to be a real and integral part of our everyday work lives.

This workshop provides the tools to: 

  • Assess how well your work teams are functioning and determine ways to turn around dysfunctional teams.
  • Apply characteristics of high-performing teams to improve work team performance. 
  • Identify which types of teams are operating in your organization and use appropriate tools to make each type more purpose driven and productive. 
  • Use four phases of team development to determine how to lead a work team.
  • Identify breakdowns in team performance and apply appropriate leadership strategies to overcome these in the workplace.

Teamwork is frequently the key to organizations that succeed and is almost always lacking in those that fail. Learn how to accelerate the team advantage by building and leading successful workplace teams.