360° Feedback

Widely used in both the public and private sectors, 360° Feedback (also known as multi-rater feedback) continues to serve as the preferred method for assessing managerial and leadership effectiveness.

By comparing one’s self-evaluation with the evaluation of supervisors, peers, direct reports and others, the participant can target areas of excellence as well as areas for development. Using the insight gained from 360° Feedback, managers and leaders are better able to build on their strengths and become more willing to acknowledge areas of difficulty.

They also can make more informed decisions about how and where to commit their energies to maximize their performance and the performance of those around them.

Advantages of 360° Feedback

  • Easy online access to evaluations.
  • Fully customized surveys.
  • Clear and useful bar charts providing feedback for every item.
  • Complete transcripts of responses to open-ended questions.
  • An executive summary with recommendations for action planning.
  • Personalized attention throughout the process.

360° Feedback samples